Unique Engagement Rings

Our passion at Lunaira Blue for unique engagement rings comes from our own personal experience. We understand how important ring choice is for that special person in your life. Our range of gemstone engagement rings and raw gemstone rings comes from the Balinese style. Unique, beautiful, and with a style that can't be found anywhere else.
Gemstones exist in such a wide variety that there is one to represent literally every color across the spectrum. For this reason and others, people may consider a gemstone for their engagement ring as an alternative to the classic diamond. It’s a great way to add something extra special to your piece, especially if the gemstone holds special meaning to whoever wears it.
The world of gemstone

s requires different considerations than diamonds. Choosing a beautiful stone for your loved one will be based on different priorities. Here at Lunaira Blue, we work with a variety of gemstones and deeply understand the unique characteristics of each. Our Balinese artisan has traditional silversmith skills that have been handed down in his culture for generations. This skill and knowledge are put together to allow him to create pieces of jewelry that will last a lifetime and bring joy and pleasure to whoever wears them.

A gemstone engagement ring is for you if you're looking for a unique ring with color and originality. A gemstone ring can be a real conversation starter and a statement, unlike any other engagement ring. If you're looking for a bigger stone for your money, then choosing gems over diamonds is an ideal option.