Gemstone necklaces handmade in Bali

Our handmade gemstone necklaces are made using traditional techniques and genuine beautiful gemstones. Each gemstone is truly unique and no stone is the same. Gemstones, according to crystal healing experts emit high vibrations that infuse with divine energy for purification. Whether it is for personal benefits or just admiration for gemstones and their natural beauty. Our handmade Bali necklaces and pendants showcase fine filigree, granulation, jawan, and other jewelry-making traditions of this island paradise. This collection of Bali sterling silver is a statement.

We recognize the highest quality gemstones by purity of their hue, the depth of tone, and the color saturation. The best gemstones colors that include "slight" traces of other colors, are not too light or dark, and have a lot of saturated colors. Our silversmith selects some of the highest-quality colored gemstones available.

Gemstones today carry the same power. When set in hand-made silver from Bali, the stones are worn close to the body, increasing their healing properties. They can boost your energy, attract wealth, enhance your intuition, increase mental abilities, or even attract love. Bali Necklaces, handcrafted by our artisan from the island known as the "garden of the gods".