Gemstone bracelets from Bali

We have a beautiful range of gemstone bracelets made with semi-precious stones. Gemstones are well documented for natural crystal healing and chakra. Gemstones report positive results from wearing and using as crystals. Various stones have different meanings and use, much that has been retold for many years across many countries and continents. Each of our unique stones has impurities and is amazing to behold they are all beautiful in their own right. Our artisan is always on the lookout for more interesting combinations and stones to create beautiful works of art.

These semi-precious gemstone bracelets are made with high-quality natural gemstones so the colors do vary slightly from piece to piece. Whether it is a bracelet made from sterling silver with a pendant or gemstones with sliver accents our range will take your collection to another level. Gemstones hold power and energy. The piece and serenity of the beautiful island of Bali can be seen and felt in the wonderful creations that our silversmith makes by hand in Bali.