Gemstone and crystal wedding rings

Here at Lunaria Blue, we consider wedding rings one of the most important items of jewelry we make. It is something that is very dear to our hearts. We understand the importance and meaning behind wearing a wedding ring, whether it is a plain band or a unique gemstone wedding ring. This ring is one that will be worn every day, seen and admired in remembrance of the partner you have The commitment you made, and that special day you started to wear it. Gemstones have been used in connection with weddings for centuries. We have a detailed blog explaining more about different gemstones, their meanings, and their powers.

There is a myth that says the reason why we use a wedding ring is mostly on the ring finger. Some say this because in the ring finger there is a blood vessel that leads directly to the heart. When a natural gemstone wedding ring is worn on the ring finger the benefits from the stone can get to the part of your body that matters the most. Beyond that belief, a wedding ring is proof of endless love and commitment. Here at Lunaria Blue, we have a range of beautiful gemstone wedding rings that you will cherish forever.