Bali gemstone rings

Handmade gemstone rings are uniquely made and designed here at Lunaria Blue. Inspiration is drawn from many aspects of Bali. Wood carvings that Balinese men work on or the beautiful nature that is impossible to ignore when you are on the island of the gods. Ideas for design can also come from the sea or cultural stories that have been told for generations. Our beautiful range of gemstones helps to enhance these designs, stories, and meanings. Gemstones are crated naturally from the minerals in the earth over thousands of years. What better way to magnify a silver ring created surrounded by nature and beauty....

Handmade crystal rings

Delicately wrapped in sterling silver wire to show off the beauty of our hand-picked raw crystal. The combination of silver and crystal is really special and our artisan at Lunaria Blue shows off the best of both skills setting stones in intricate sterling silver rings. Crystals have power and meaning, we have a detailed blog explaining crystals and gemstones so you can make the best choice.

Stackable gemstone rings

Whether you are buying rings individually or in a set stackable gemstone rings are a way of showing how unique and versatile you are. If it’s the same gemstone in several rings to boost its healing powers or the combination of several to gain the best from each stone. The idea behind the stacking rings is to choose a set of rings to represent special people or times in your life. You can choose the birthstones of your children, family, yourself, or your partner. The choices are endless. As well as the birthstones rings can be made as beautiful spacer rings, sterling silver rings stack beautifully with the stones. Look at the many gemstones and crystals we have to offer and create a ring that you will love and cherish for years to come.