Silver in Bali - The history of Balinese silver

Our story begins in a small village in Bali called Celuk, a beautiful village in the heart of Bali. Celuk is the hub of Indonesia’s hand-made silver. Here steeped in culture and history our artisan silversmith creates unique and beautiful hand-made sterling silver jewelry. Bali is the “island of the gods” and it has many ancient traditions that are still practiced to this day. These traditions have been handed down from generation to generation and Bali’s heritage has thrived because of this. Beauty is important to the Balinese. It is a gift to the Gods. This is why the workmanship is superb.

The workmanship and artistry of Bali are unique, high quality, and diverse. There are many artists and people who make handmade goods in Bali and our artisan is one of these highly skilled individuals. He values the love and time that is invested in his pieces, the stories the art tells, and the tradition of the island people

The history of silver in Bali

Metalworking skills came from the Southern Chinese and Southeast Asian investors at some point in the Bronze-age, several hundred years earlier than Christ. Over the years, the metalworking skills of the Indonesian people developed. Bali emerged as the main island in Indonesia that produced hand-made silver jewelry. It isn't easy to recognize the impacts of the triad and the influence the west has had shaped modern-day silver work in Bali. But it’s important to take into account that Bali, far from being a remote island, has had contact with many cultures over many centuries. The facility where we produce our Bali sterling silver beads is located in Bali, in the outskirts of a village called Celuk (15km from Ubud), This village has a tradition of metalwork that stretches back many generations. Its craftsmen catered to aristocrats in Gianyar, a nearby court town and the noble houses of Sukawati and Ubud. The Royal Courts of Bali were avid patrons of the arts, which they used as expressions of their power.

Many of the patterns and styles used today have been influenced by culture and nature. These two go hand in hand with the Balinese, the people live in harmony with the island. Many households in Bali can trace their silversmith and jeweler roots further back to the Majapahit Empire and the invasion of the Javanese in the sixteenth century. In Bali, metallic smiths are known as Pandai, a period which means each smith and clever. In legend, clans were taught their craft through the gods that were sent to earth to educate mankind's civil conduct. Most jewelry in Bali, originally gold, is now silver. The silver marketplace is famous worldwide, and the booming demand for exports dictates manufacturing. There are both Balinese and Javanese traditions in what's known as Bali traditional jewelry.

Is Bali silver expensive?

It is cheaper to mass produce jewelry using machines, or from other places in the world like China and India. The problem is that these pieces are often much lower quality. Sometimes, may not even be using Sterling Silver. Buying silver is a lot cheaper than Gold and silver has a subtle touch of class and doesn’t break the bank.

You may ask why it is possible to get silver-colored jewelry for less online. On the other hand, it is possible to go into a luxury store and find Sterling Silver jewelry for a very high price.  Sterling silver is one of the most commonly used metals in high-end and high-quality jewelry and accessories.  

Sterling Silver is one of the more affordable options of precious metals. This makes it ideal if you want high-quality, beautiful jewelry without a painful price tag. However, the price is normally reflected on the individual piece and how long it takes to produce it. Handmade Bali silver is not mass-produced and the quality is a lot higher because of this.

Why should you buy silver?

Sterling Silver has a stunning look, style, and color. It’s a touch of luxury and class without being too over the top. Silver is a popular choice, it will always be in style and stand the test of time.

Sterling Silver jewelry is also more durable than other metals. This makes it a great choice for everyday wear that will attract a lot of attention.

Is Bali silver real?

Sterling Silver is made from 92.5 percent silver, it is an alloy and it also contains 7.5 percent of other metal components. Copper is most commonly added to the silver more durable. Adding other metals to the silver increases its durability and stability when making the products.

The quickest way to identify sterling silver is to look for a stamp called a Hallmark.  There are many different types of hallmarks but “925” is the most commonly used.

This stamp ensures that you’re getting the most amount of silver, this way you know the piece is of high value and quality. Identifying a Hallmark is the best way to know your silver is genuine and not mixed for a lower quality product.

centuries of experimentation have shown copper to be its best companion, improving the metal's hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color. The small amount of copper added to sterling has very little effect on the metal's value. Instead, the price of the silver item is affected by the labor involved in making the item, the skill of the craftsperson, and the intricacy of the design.

Does Bali silver tarnish?

Although pure silver is naturally resistant to tarnish, pure silver is too soft to be used in its pure form for jewelry, which is why it is often mixed with other metals. This slight mix is what causes it to tarnish. This does take time but thankfully is easy to remedy.

Tarnishing naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the ambient air. The best way to clean your silver is to use polishes formulated specifically to remove tarnish. You can find fine silver polishes, solutions, or clothes appropriate to remove tarnish easily at many shops. Tarnish is easily removed when it first becomes visible. Although wearing your silver jewelry often is the best way to prevent tarnish from building up, regular cleanings of all your silver items will prevent tarnish and keep you sparkling.